About us

Iteco is a new company that develops mobile solutions for the financial industry. The people behind Iteco have 10+ years of experience making and managing software projects for banks and internet stock brokerage houses.

We use new, but proven technology to produce good-looking applications that have high user experience.

We make applications for the major mobile platforms (Android and iPhone) and we are ready to take care of the whole chain of the project. Starting from development, or even planning your product, all the way to publishing the product in the various app stores. We can also maintain the application.

We use modern scrum project methodology and leading open source project management tools. We can just ‘do it’ or open our process for customer participation since we use solely SaaS and cloud services.

We also have a long experience in managing distributed development teams and outsourcing work. This way we can provide results with lower costs and are able to access a very wide skill pool.

We are eager to take your company to mobile world. Contact us to make it happen.

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