Nordnet Mobile Trader is polished and good looking financial mobile application that will offer market information, stock trading, financial news and view to users portfolio. All of this in real time.


Application rating for Symbian was between 3-3.5 and for Meego 4-4.5.

Below are some review picks from OVI Store:

“Check stock data easily; Downloaded this to easily check latest stock data with my Nokia E7. This is now much easier and quicker than with using web browser that I used before. This app works.”
“User frendly, very good; User frendly software, reliable and very easy to use, can be warmly recommended!”
“Nordnet; Todella hyvin toimiva softa. Ainoa miinus ehkä siitä että salasanan ja käyttäjätunnuksen joutuu joka kerta näppäilemään ihan vain katsoessaan sijoitusten tilannetta.”
“Awesome!; I was really waiting for this! I now love Nordnet even more!”


* Nordnet Mobile Trader for Symbian from OVI Store (> Symbian Anna)
* Nordnet Mobile Trader for N9 from OVI Store (All Meego versions)

Update: Nordnet has cancelled the maintenance agreement due to Nokia’s decision to abandon Symbian & Meego platforms so that Nordet can focus on those platforms that the users will be using in future. This app has been withdrawn from the app store.

User Base

When application was withdrawn from OviStore it had been downloaded by five figure count of users.

More about the app

Application has seven (7) main sections, which are:
1) Market information for Indecies
2) Market information for Stocks
3) Funds
4) News
5) Portfolio
6) Trading
7) Transactions

On top that there is also screen that is inviting users to come customers of Nordnet.

Market information for Indecies

Application is providing for all users for free live updating market information for selected amount of indecies, currencies, commodities and interest rates in this section. If user is also customer of Nordnet he could purchase access to some additional realtime market information feeds.

Market information for Stocks

Application is providing same way as for indecies live updating feed for stocks. Market information is delayed for the users that are not logged in, and realtime for logged in users that have proper rights in place.


Funds section in application allows user to search funds from the big amount of funds that Nordnet is offering for it’s customers. It is also providing links to the fund prospectus pdf files so that users can learn more about any fund. On the last fund section screen it was possible to send subscription or redemption orders for any of the offered funds.


News section is having live updating news title screen. Each news title works as a link to actual news. On top of the news screen there is news source settings that allowed user to customize news subscriptions. Selected soureces were provided for free and some other were possible to purchase through Nordnet’s web pages.


Portfolio was showing content of the users portfolio(s) at Nordent. Stocks, Funds and Money. If user had several portfolios then each of them was listed here separately.


Ready made Stock lists and users own stock lists offered easy access to see details of any stock and trading. On trading screen there was realtime updating L2 marketinfo available to allow fast trading.
After order was inserted there was confirmation screen that user could still verify his order. After order was confirmed application redirected user to order status screen, which was showing orders status in realtime. Order execution was fast and in normal case the order was already executed and visible as a filled in the order status screen when user managed to see it.


Transactions screen was showing each transaction separately so that user could easily follow up that what is happening in his account at Nordnet.


Below are few screen shots from the actual application

NordnetMobileTrader_main_screen NordnetMobileTrader_index_screen NordnetMobileTrader_OMX25_screen
NordnetMobileTrader_Fortum_chart_screen NordnetMobileTrader_Fortum_trading_screen