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Let me change my name servers Since Clouldflare announced it’s free, fast and privacy respecting dns service at address I have wanted to switch to use it. Unfortunately I had ADSL modem and router from my ISP (Elisa) and it did not offer functionality to change name servers. I got what my ISP was

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Cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency mining

Interesting cryptocurrencies I have been interested in cryptocurrencies ever since I first stumbled on them (Bitcoin) in 2010 on Slashdot. Later on, I also checked out Finland’s first Bitcoin company (Bittiraha) in 2013 in Slush. Since then, cryptocurrencies have gone a long way. Bitcoin’s value has risen from zero to about 15.000 eur, and today

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Iteco has started to make few own applications

Iteco has started to make few own applications to get reference application for iPhone and Android platforms and to explore latest native and html5 based technologies. Applications will be made cost effectively with slow space and outsourced workforce. One application will be focusing to help parents and kids and use in-app purchases. Other application will

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