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Masternode scams

Masternode scams I was writing my previous blog post about mining through a stake when I noticed some coins that were promising huge returns with masternodes. Hundreds of percents or even over one thousand percent. See a few tier 2 nodes in the screenshot below from These nodes were completely missing from the Stakingrewards

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Interest on cryptocurrencies

How to get interest on crypto currencies? Earlier on this blog, I covered cryptocurrency mining using your own machine and in cloud services. Now, let’s have a look at mining through just owning Cryptos. Mining through ownership is not possible for all crypto coins. In general, it is possible for crypto coins that are based

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Encrypted dns queries

DNS query encryption for OpenWRT Once we are in the DNS topic I couldn’t notice that also those queries can be encrypted today. DNS over Http (DoH) standard was accepted just a few days ago. DNS over TSL (DoT) bit earlier. Both standards will encrypt DNS queries so that their content cannot be seen outside,

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