First own application has been accepted to three appstores

Iteco’s first own application HopHopClock has been accepted to three appstores! HopHopClock is aimed to help kids to realise better that how time is passing and helping them to make assigned tasks in time. You can read more about the app in it’s own page. At least here that application has had a amazing effect at some cases. Best that comes in mind is that my daughter had been trying to clean her room for about 3 hours, laying in the floor, complaining that cleaning is boring and she cannot do it. Playing once and while with some toys, until reminded that she was suppose to clean the room. Then dropping one toy to some box and then again distracted to do something else. Then it came time to go to purchase some food and I told her that now she has 10 minutes time to clean the room and this application is showing you that time. Then the application started to tick and my daughter started to clean with a great speed, and after 6 minutes had passed the room was fully clean.

Take a look and download the app!

I am eager to hear all the feedback! How the app works for you ?

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