Nordnet application coming out of Beta

Quite a long time passed in Beta phase although there weren’t any bigger issues that would have needed major changes in the code. However, the beta release had one nasty bug for some customers. It did not accept passwords that had the ‘&’ character. It was very easy and quick to fix, and I am a bit sorry that we couldn’t push a new release out earlier and solve the problem for those who were affected.

Naturally, the plan was to push a new release out soon after the first one, but then there were some person changes and “let’s add still one more fix/improvement to this release” syndrome. Anyway, now the next release is finished and submitted to OVI Store. It addresses most of the issues we noticed and wishes we heard from end customers. The application should be now be in a very good shape! If you like, you might want to take a peek at the change log and see for yourself.

During the beta phase I also received some emails from people asking whom they should contact if they want some new features. The correct address for feature requests is Nordnet, as they are ordering the work from me. However, I have also put up a forumin case you would rather write them there. I will carry all reasonable 🙂 suggestions forward from there.